The Good Food and Wine Show

Hi Guys, sorry I have been so quiet this week, I have been getting organised for The Good Food and Wine Show which started on Thursday.  I expect each and every one of you to come and support this great show, and all the foodie folk trying to make a go of it. We really have put a whole pile of effort into creating beautiful stands for you to all feast your eyes and mouths on! If you do come please come past my stand P10 and say hello, it is always cool to meet all the faces from the Twitter Machine in real life! I’m also doing some Dems this year, I did my first one last night and spent the whole week having sleepless nights about it, and it was actually really great in the end. I am doing another one on Sunday at 15:30 pm, it would be awesome if you could come and fill seats so I do not look like a Charlie, demming for crickets!
I have created some super cool new flavours and treats especially for Good Food and Wine Show that are not usually at the store so those that do come will be rewarded with really awesome treats!



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