Vanessa and Friends.

V2 postponed
Meet my lovely friend Vanessa, she is blonde, she is gorgeous, and she is a freaking bad-ass on a bike. Seriously though, she just rode the epic, as in The ABSA Cape Epic, as in get on your bike and stay there for 9 days, cover km after km of crazy terrain, ride up hill and down dale until your legs almost fall of, then ride a little more. The chic is a bloody inspiration.

Every few months, Vanessa gets together with a couple of rad sponsors and organises a fun morning of bikes, coffee and general outdoor awesome-ness.I went to the last one and I wont lie, I was nervous before I went. My cycling CV has only got my name and the date on the top. I am a beginner extreme. I was worried that I would rock up and find myself chasing the peloton to Milnerton and back. My rubber arm got the better of me and I sheepishly went, clutching my bike and my gel seat. I ended up having the most awesome morning, I did not get left behind at all and I made some really great friends, rode around our beautiful city and learned not to be so scared of my white steed.

This weekend, Vanessa is hosting another ‘Ride with Vanessa’ event. There are some super sponsors – the best being Ma Mere Maison, of course. Come down to Hout Bay, bring your bike and an open mind, meet some new friends and get some air into those lungs.


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