Every couple of weeks, Vanessa Haywood organises a little RideWithNess event. I have been to both rides that have been organised. Both times I have been scared that I will be the only Charlie who has not ridden the Epic and will subsequently get left for dead half way up a mountain. Both times I have been pleasantly surprised. Last weekend the troops all met at the Vida in Hout Bay here we were met with delicious cuppacino’s to give us some extra vooma for our ride. We all set off from there, beginners and pros, all riding for fun. The ride was from the Vida over Chappies to Sun Valley and back. Originally, the Bird was not too happy with me going, road riding has seen a lot of accidents over the last year so his fears were understandable. Cycle Lab stepped up to the plate and organised a follow vehicle that kept us safe through out the whole ride. I was literally at the very back so I was very thankful to have the security of knowing I was not going to get squashed by a tour bus!

As you can see from the pictures below (courtesy of Craig Colesky) We had a really super day. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the view we were met with at the top was completely ridiculous! I have to encourage you all to try and attend the next one. These rides are being organised so that beginners like you and me will have an opportunity to get off our asses and ride in a safe environment with the added bonus of having pros around to help you improve. Also they give away super prizes at the end which is always an awesome draw card. A huge thank you to Vanessa Haywood, Cape Union Mart, Mesoestetic, Velocity Sports Lab, Vida and Cycle Lab for getting involved in this great event. I cannot wait for the next one.

ridewithvan_2IMG_2222ridewithvan3 ridewithvan4


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