Shoppe Durban

I spent the last weekend with my Sister and The PooMachine in Durban. We had the best mini-break, I won’t lie, doing long distance with your siblings really does suck, especially when you are Aunty to potentially the cutest, most hilarious PooMachine on planet Earth.
Seriously, how cute?!  While we were down there, we stumbled upon this little jem of a Shoppe, nestled in the courtyard of my favourite Durban eatery – The Market. This little Shoppe is choc -a -block full of goodies, gifts and objects of desire collected from all corners of our creative Country. It is the perfect place to scrumage for gifts for that impossible person or to just find yourself a treasure that you absolutely have to have for no reason in particular. Next tie you are in the Sunniest Town in South Africa, head down to Marriot Road, grab a Veggie Burger from Market (it is the best thing on their menu) and take a peruse.

shoppe1 shoppe2 shoppe3 shoppe4 shoppe5


One thought on “Shoppe Durban

  1. Thanks for the info my friend. That shop looks gorg! Next time I’m in my sunny home town, ill deff pop in. Miss you, meet up soon.

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