Mini Break Anyone?!

itsabouttimePic from here
So, today is basically Friday for me. Why, you ask? Well, in about 30 min, The Bird and I will be jumping into the car and making our way to the Pick and Pay Knysna Oyster Festival for a weekend of AWESOME festivities. Every year, we swear we are going to make the mission and every year we sit at home, reading everyones tweets about what an awesome weekend they are having, which makes us feel like total losers. Well, not this year baby!
Thanks to the kind folk at The Pick and Pay Knysna Oyster Festival, I have got a weekend of seriously rad stuff lined up from Oyster tastings, to Half Marathons, the works. I ran the Half 3 years ago and absolutely loved it. It was the first half marathon I ever did so it is a special one for me. Im generally feeling pretty excited for this weekend, who does’t like a mini break, right? There is one thing that is slightly concerning to me and that is the fact that  I am expected to appear at an Oyster tasting tomorrow morning (we are literally eating oysters for breakfast) Here is the problem….

When I was 9, my parents went away and left me in the care of Nicolette, the Au Pair. She was all smiles when my folks were around but true as bob, the moment they pulled out of the driveway, Nicolette turned into a fire breathing dragon (She was a ginger too so she has fire in her blood). During the course of that nightmarish week, Nicolette and her greasy boyfriend decided that it was the right time to introduce me to my first oyster, I spent the rest of the evening crying in between vomits. That was the first and last time I ate an oyster.

Tomorrow is either going to be the start of a love affair with delicious, juicy oysters or it will be a nightmare and I will never be invited back to the Oyster Festival again. I guess all that there is left to do is wait and see!


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