10 Things with: Sarah Graham

This week on 10 THINGS, we have a chat to the gorgeous Sarah Graham of Bitten TV fame, about doing what you love and Impala Testicles!. Sarah not only has her own, super awesome Cooking show but she is also the Author of the, ‘must have’ local Cook Book – Bitten. When Sarah is not cooking up a storm on set, she is pouring love into her site – afoodieliveshere . Click on through and spend some time pouring over her recipes, there is some serious supper inspiration to jazz up your Monday to Friday offerings!

1. Describe yourself in 10 words – Closet nerd, box-checker, happy heart, family girl, food lover.
2. Every Kitchen should have these basic10 ingredients: Good quality olive oil, butter, cheese, eggs, fresh herbs (preferably in your garden!), a decent assortment of spices, flour, sugar, baking powder, chocolate
3. If you were on Survivor and you could only take 1 thing with, what would it be? why? Salt. It cures, flavours and preserves.rob
4. What was the first dish you cooked for husband, Rob? Did he propose right away?! The why-he-married-me bacon pasta from my book, ‘bitten.’ – no he didn’t propose right away, he took a little more convincing. (click here  for the recipe of this ‘almost Famous’ Pasta)
5. What is the wierdest thing you have ever “bitten” Ooh, I am suddenly feeling like a very unadventurous eater – probably Impala testicles?!
6. Kitchen Aid or Kenwood ? Kenwood, both for reasons of sentimentality and practicality.
7. How did Bitten TV come about? Any tips and tricks for young bucks out there looking to follow your footsteps? I know it might all seem glamorous, but it’s mostly down to a heck of a lot of hard work, and enough love for what I’m doing that it never actually feels like work.
8. The best way to eat bacon is… Fried until perfectly crispy, with sweetcorn fritters on the side
9. When no one is around I like to eat ….. Really boring stuff like tuna and avo on rye crackers
10. What is your favourite recipe in your beautiful new book? Oh goodness that’s so hard, it’s like asking who someone’s favourite child is – for the sake of answering the question I’ll say spicy BBQ pulled pork with red cabbage slaw, but next week the answer could be completely different!


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