Knysna Oyster Festival: Where to Eat.

We were lucky enough to eat at some really awesome places while we were in Knysna. Thank goodness I decided to run the Half or I would have had to walk home to burn off all of the deliciousness that I stuffed in my face all weekend long! These were my favourite places to fill my tummy at…


Cafe Z at Pezula.
The night before the Half, we were treated to an absolutely glorious dinner at Cafe Z at Pezula. I am usually not one to go to a Hotel for dinner. I don’t know why I have this prejudice about hotels, I just always assume that there will be a big, fat buffet with big silver platters of re-heated food.  How wrong I was.
The menu caters for every taste, and includes everything from simple fish and chips to Free-Range Duck Confit. Chef Geoffrey Murray prides himself on using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients which adds to the quality of flavour in every bite.
I had a starter of Country Style Pork Terrine with Dried Peach chutney, bread and butter pickles and baguette crisps and Chef Peter’s Famous Chicken Laska for my main. We had planned on behaving and skipping dessert but were unable to resist the charm of the warm Cardamon, Basmati rice Pudding which lasted less than 2 minutes on our table! All in all, we had a wonderful evening. The waiters were extremely friendly and had a great understanding of the menu and the flavours that comprised it. I will certainly be back.

Lagoonview Drive, Eastern Head, Knysna, 6571  TEL: 27-44-302-3333


ile De Pain

On my last trip to Knysna I made the fatal error of stepping into Ile De Pain, just to have a look (they were fully booked so we were not able to actually grab a bite.). Since then, I have been desperate to sample their menu. Luckily, The Bird and I were able to grab a table this time round. On entering this little treasure trove, I was hit with the smell of freshly baked bread and my eyes with a bustling hive of kneading, folding and proving.

The Ile de Pain menu offers a massive variety of goodies, ranging from Big, Fat, juicy Burgers to beautifully crafted confectionery and pastries. There literally is something for everyone. Liezie Mulder said, ” I love food, Food is life, Food is happiness. Food is part of everythingI do. I love to cook simple, honest, fun food that is really flavourful and fresh.’ This sentiment describes, perfectly, the the nature of what is served up to the loyal customers of Ile de Pain.

The Bird polished off a dreamy, wild mushroom pizza while I kept it simple with Rye Bread topped with a fluffy scrambled egg cloud. The food was simple and delicious and the service, unfussy. I finished it all off with a glorious cappuccino and a cellophane bag filled with these crazy cocoa crusted roasted almonds that were sweet and crunchy but also chocolaty. We left with out lips on the ground as we really wanted to spent the day, nestled in our cozy corner, sipping cuppacinos, eating macarons and chocolate croissants and everything else these magicians had to offer but unfortunately we had a beer festival to go to. I cannot wait to go back for more – next time I will also buy more than one bag of the delicious chocolaty almonds.
The Boatshed no.10, Thesen Island, Knysna. Call 044 302 5707

east-head-cafe copy

East Head Cafe

The East Head Cafe is a brilliant lunch spot. You can expect simple, classics like fish and chips, seriously delicious, hand made burgers and a really well put together range of salads and healthy fare.  We were lucky enough to nab a great table and spent the afternoon sipping ice cold beers, with the sun on our backs and a stellar view of the Knysna Heads.  Burgers were ordered all round – we had just run the half marathon so re-fueling was very important! We all ate in complete and utter silence, they were that good!
25 George Rex Drive, Eastern Head, Knysna, Western Cape . Phone: +27 (0) 44 384 0933


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