Delicious Crunchy Apple Snacks…

Yesterday was our first taste of summer, I woke up with sunshine streaming through my window and thought about how awesome it feels putting your toes into the warm sand of Camps Bay Beach. What struck me next was the panicky feeling of oh sh*t, summer is coming, bikini time is coming, PUT DOWN THE  DELICIOUS NACHOS!

I am seriously addicted to crunchy things, the biggest offender is those insanely delicious Nacho chips, and fruit chutney Nik Naks, and Sea Salt & Black Pepper kettle chips, the list goes on. I was happily munching on one of these tasty offenders last week when the thought struck me, there is very little healthy food with crunch. Except celery but seriously, no one enjoys eating that. So when the urge for crunch comes along, my natural reaction is to grab the closest chip. This needs to change.

I was making apple pie nougat at the shop last week and I accidentally burnt the hell out of my apple rings, I let them cool before tossing them to avoid melting my dustbin and noticed when I picked them up that they broke with a serious crunch. This had to be explored.
I went home, bought a bag of apple rings, tossed them with a tablespoon of Olive Oil and sprinkled a pinch of Maldon Sea Salt over them. I then proceeded to bake them at 100 degrees for 1,5 hours. I took them out of the oven, let them cool and do you know what I discovered? The crunchiest, most delicious snack in all the land.
2 packets of Apple Wedges (I use the Pink Lady ones from Woolies)
1,5 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon Maldon Sea Salt
Put all the ingredients into a bowl, toss them about until everything is evenly distributed and bang your apples into the oven at 100 C for about 2 hours. Let them cool completely before you eat them.

* Put the apples into an air-tight container as soon as they have cooled or they will go all chewy (which is also delicious!)


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