So as you may or may not know, I am currently hurtling along the 40 week journey that is baking a tiny human! Last week I suddenly woke up to the realisation that I have a mere 16 weeks left to get my ducks (who are currently scattered all over the show) into a neat and tidy row, and all this while having a full blown nervous breakdown about the fact that I am actually going to be responsible for another human’s life – the strangest feeling ever!

First in my list of duck wrangling, is getting my house in order. Enter Sweep South – a company I had no idea even existed, and one I plan on getting to know very, very well.

In a nut shell, Sweep South are a company of efficient, cleaning ninjas who are a simple click away. No contracts, no full time commitment no strings attached, basically they are the Uber of cleaning companies. You log on, you select when and where you would like cleaned and, like magic, they arrive!

sweep south

When it comes to rates, I was pretty impressed. They charge roughly R38 per hour or R190 for the day, something I would happily pay to have a chore free Saturday. Their service is a basic one – they sweep, dust, wipe, clean dishes, vacuum, fold away the clothes you have been meaning to put away forever and do other basics (all listed on their site here). Extra tasks that are not included in the basic service (cleaning the oven is my absolute worst!):

sweep south 2

Another nifty feature of theirs is their gift voucher tab. How rad to gift an expectant mom a whole lot of Sweep South Vouchers for her first few weeks of being a mom? You would literally be their best person in the entire world (or so I’m told).
What I like best is that they are not a strictly monday-friday operation. I love that I can have a rowdy group of gals around on a weekend, have a braai, use all the plates, pots and pans (no matter what I try I will always be that girl who cooks with every item in the kitchen) and know that the next day, a lovely cleaning ninja will arrive and take all my problems away so that I can relax and enjoy what people have been telling me, are the last free weekends of my entire life (Parents can be so dramatic!).

Because I am such a nice lady I am giving you lot a little treat, click on this here link, book a house clean with Sweep South and we will give you the first hour FREE!


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