The Pajama Edit

I have always been a tracksuit pants and t shirt kinda gal, but now that im a grown-ass, married woman, Im feeling like it would be marvelous to trade in my current buggered up look for something a little more elegant – I’m sure Mr Bird will also appreciate the upgrade from exhausted, over washed, over snuggled tracksuit to a more elegant, sexy lady kind of get up.

Our local gals are producing some really really lovely options, these are my favourites…




Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.24.25
BENA is a brand run by sisters Xan and Charlie. Xan has the cutest little babe Sienna who is the inspiration behind the brand. Fabrics are soft and cosy and cuts are elegant and simple. They have offerings for both moms and babes, as well as a couple of snuggly blankets and beanies for the little ones. I think Babybird is definitely going to be rocking these little rabbit ears this winter.


12963569_1015491478506239_2356988672646911559_nScreenshot 2016-06-08 09.56.25gowns113350468_1049845781737475_6783009036564432343_o

Anna-Louise Sleepwear has been around for a while now, they offer a really gorgeous range for the entire family as well as the most beautiful bridal range. I absolutely love their PJ’s. Every season they offer really rad, unusual prints they also offer a service where you can get bespoke PJ’s, gowns and eye masks made for your bridal party – I love this.
They are also one of the only local PJ brands with an offering for guys. Now you can rock your mornings Posh and Becks style and deck out the whole family.


Maison Noir Collection is a new (and very stylish) kid on the block. Roelene has put heaps of time into her fabric selection, as well as the design of this range and its clearly evident. I feel like Scarlett O’Hara would totally wear Maison Noir PJ’s. I plan on swanning around the Maternity ward in one of her gowns, I might still be wearing my worn out, washed out tracksuit pants underneath, but at least I will look like a fancy mama on the outside!
– Find them on Facebook – Maison Noir Collection.



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